Chicken houses for the future

chicken house south africa

3 meter x 6 meter chicken house by Chicken Shack

Chicken farming has come a long way in the last 100 years. In the future we can expect green chicken houses to be the norm. Poultry houses driven by solar – solar lights, solar fans and solar heating – with today’s technology all of this is possible – if not yet affordable. If you have resources to solar poultry equipment – let us know. Technology has not reached a point yet where a viable solar house is possible, not in South Africa anyway. The cost of such technologies, mainly due to economies of scale, is just not viable. The most affordable small chicken house on the market today is the Yellow Door Chicken House, made by Chicken Shack Agencies. This robust steel structure is well made and comes with all the poultry equipment you need to grow chickens in South Africa. They work well with government – if you have a government grant or loan Chicken Shack Agencies is the place to get a quote on a small poultry house. The poultry house is made form sturdy angle iron and galvanised steel sheet. The chicken houses can be built using a government loan or agricultural loan.

All the  poultry equipment you need to start poultry farming is supplied and your  steel chicken house will make you a good profit. You will need poultry insurance to cover your chickens and your poultry houses. Chicken Shack Agencies will build you a chicken house in South Africa – anywhere – in the country! Consulting with knowledgeable people is vital – and this should happen before you prepare your business plan and before you apply for any kind of grant for farming. Many small chicken farmers make the mistake of rushing headlong into getting the money and forget to add critical elements such as concrete floors, gas heaters and poultry fans – without these your ability to farm with chickens will be limited, especially if you are on a tight budget.

A poultry house or chicken house that is sponsored by a  government loan, or agricultural loan will include all the poultry equipment you need for the first year of operation – it will also include broiler chickens or layer chickens and all the chicken food you need in that year. A steel chicken house is usually the choice for small farmers – although some farmers prefer a brick structure. The cost of such a poultry house is considerably more than a steel structure and the government departments that sponsor small chicken farming operations prefer the cheaper option – and there is certainly no difference in the yields and profit between the two. The success of poultry farming is in the management of the poultry farm – not the type of structure – although a badly built structure, or a building that is not designed specifically for chicken farming will affect your profit margins.

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